Thursday, 7 November 2013

Auditions finished...Now the hard work begins!

For the past few weeks, auditions have been taking place to decide who would be playing the lead roles in the school musical, Calamity Jane. The first step was to recruit people who wanted to sign up and be involved in the musical. The acting and music stage managers took this job by the reigns and organised list of who wanted to do which audition.Then came auditions, with separate auditions for acting and singing. Students from both St Wolstan's Community school and Salesian college took part in these auditions. 
After the first round of auditions had been completed, a number of students were handpicked for a call back. These callbacks would determine who would play which role. Once the decision had been made, the list of the main cast was posted. Separate auditions also took place for supporting roles and also for dancing.
Well done to everyone who auditioned and congratulations to everyone who were cast as main roles.
Saturday is the first official rehearsal where the entire cast will read through the script together for the first time. It is definitely something to look forward to as the cast can really get a feel for their role.

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