Sunday, 12 January 2014

And the hard work!

Its the week back after the Christmas holidays and rehearsals are once again in full swing. The pressure is starting to build for everyone knowing that the opening night is only six weeks away. Rehearsals  for dancing have been on during the week at lunch, chorus rehearsals began again on Thursday and there was a big rehearsal yesterday for all of the cast involved in act one, scene one. Everyone is working really hard to perfect things and get things done.
Yesterday, Saturday the 11th of January, the director, production team, main cast and every other cast member involved in Act one, scene one arrived in the school bright and early for rehearsals. We started off with warm-ups- which included the hokey poky. Then everyone got straight to work. Whether it was practising in a scene, learning a dance, practising a song or running lines, everyone was working hard. The production team was there to help with any jobs that needed doing, Even if that did mean manning the door to let people in and running lines with cast members. Katie even found our first prop!! An arrow!
Major practise was going underway for the scene with the show where Francis fryer dances onstage in Deadwood city. Conor, who plays Francis, looked like he was having a lot of fun learning the dance and lets just say he got really into character. 
In the end they managed to get through the whole of act one, scene one and everyone was out of the school by half one. Well, everyone apart from the orchestra who had arrived for practise at one O' clock who were staying until three.

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