Sunday, 1 December 2013

Upcoming launch- Everybody's busy!

On the 6th of December there will be a launch for the upcoming school musical, Calamity Jane. It is a chance for people to get a taster of what has been going on in rehearsals and of what the finished product will contain. It also gives the students an opportunity to perform some songs for an audience for the first time. Tickets for the four performances will also go on sale and will be available for purchase on the night.
The event will take place in a local hotel and families of those involved in the musical have all been invited. Others from the area are also encouraged to attend to see what work has been done so far.
There will be three musical numbers performed on the night. The first being 'the deadwood stage' scene, which showcases the talent of the wonderful chorus through singing and dancing. Next will be Lauren ,'calamity', who will perform 'Secret love', accompanied by the lovely ballet dancers and finally Lauren and Róisín, Calamity and Katie, will sing 'A womans touch'. The choir will also be there to keep the music going with christmas songs, as well as some performances from some fifth year students.
A lot of preparation is going into the night. There was a full rehearsal for the full cast today and everyone was in the school bright and early. There were run throughs of all of the numbers and last minute changes. There will also be rehearsal during lunch times for the next week to put the final touches on the performances.
Over all everyone is just a bit stressed and hopefully everything will go down well on the night.

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